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TeleWeb utilizes the latest computer and security technology to ensure that all customer account information remains secure and accurate. There are two components of TeleWeb, the TeleWeb Controller that resides at the bank and the TeleWeb Server Network which resides in a secure location at AudioTel Corporation Headquarters, and both implement strict security controls.

Account Access Controls

TeleWeb maintains controls for the way in which a customer may access accounts. These controls are maintained through settings on the host software, downloaded to TeleBank, and within the TeleBank interface. Restrictions may be placed on account access and transfer rights. TeleWeb adheres to these restrictions on the TeleWeb Server Network and then verifies them on TeleWeb Controller.

Password Protection

A customer is only allowed to access account information on TeleWeb with a valid login consisting of a customer ID and 6 to 15 alpha numeric password. Only customers who have been enabled for TeleWeb will be allowed access and the only data for these customers will be transferred to the TeleWeb Server Network. After three simultaneous invalid password entries for a customer, access will be disabled for the customer preventing unauthorized access by a third party. Once disabled, only bank personnel may re-enable access through the TeleWeb interface.


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